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​Attract new talent and see our skills develop internally

To anticipate and accompany its development, SKEMA ensures that its human resources are added to on a regular basis. To this end, the HR policy plays a predominant role within the group.

Attracting its employees and ensuring their loyalty, accompanying them in the development of their skills – all this comes within the aims of SKEMA’s HR policy.

This policy is based in particular around essential pillars that support the School’s development and internationalization ambitions : a multi-site dynamic, employees managed by objectives, revitalized careers and skills development.

Open to diversity and a multicultural environment

Mimicking its very DNA, SKEMA operates an HR policy that is clearly open to multiplicity: men/women, young/old, cultural differences, etc.

It is the combination of all these profiles that now allow the School to develop every day and give life to its expansion projects.

Our international and multi-campus structure in Europe, Asia and America allows our employees to experience cultural exchanges on a daily basis.

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